Charity sky dive by three-generation group aged 17-74

Claire Castle on her previous skydive

A charity skydive, sponsored by Hunter Global recruitment, is taking place on 2nd September 2017 by family and friends of Pauline Stringer, who recently passed away suffering from a relatively unknown disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP).

The three generation group aged between 17 and 74 hope to raise awareness and funds for PSPA, an association set up provide practical and emotional support for those living with PSP.

The disease is a Parkinson’s-like neurological condition caused by the premature loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain.  A protein called tau builds up in certain areas of the brain and forms into clumps (neurofibrillary tangles), which are believed to damage the nerve cells.

The condition gets its name because: Progressive; it steadily worsens over time. Supranuclear; it damages the nuclei that control eye movements. Palsy; it causes weakness.

Pauline was diagnosed in April 2011 and six months later had to go into a home for full time care as she was too unstable on her feet to look after herself without causing further problems.  The disease took hold of her very quickly and it wasn’t long before she was losing the ability to move around, speak or even swallow without prompting.

This disease is not very well known as there is believed to be around 4000 people living with PSP in the UK at any one time.

As Claire Castle explains on her just giving page: “I always wanted to do a Parachute jump, then one year to the day mum died, in Oct 13, I did it – One of the best days in my life!!

“At the time, I asked my sister if she wanted to do it too and she said “NO WAY was she jumping out of a perfectly good plane! – now she has finally changed her mind and her company, Hunter Global has decided to sponsor us.

” To make it extra special, there will be Me, My sister, My brother, OUR 74 year old dad (the jump on his birthday!!), my nephew, my niece and some others from Hunter Global all doing a SKYDIVE on 2nd September 2017 to raise awareness and funds for PSPA. This charity is close to my heart as my mum passed from this disease in October 2012. ”

All proceeds will go to the Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association. Lincolnshire Today readers can make a donation here.