Cleaning the streets of Boston

Cleaning the streets of Boston
Courtesy of Lincolnshire Co-op

The Lincolnshire Co-op and a small army of volunteers have again taken to the streets this year to lend a hand at this year’s Big Boston Clean-Up.

The event sees numerous organisations and groups give up their Easter break to help spruce up various areas of Boston town centre together.

Last year, the Big Boston Clean-Up collected 4.8 tonnes of rubbish around the town.

It’s down on the first year of the scheme when 10 tonnes were collected, which Boston Borough Councils Environment and Sustainability Officer Jen Moore says is down to people caring more now for their local environment.

“It really is great that the community and the businesses in the town get involved and the Lincolnshire Co-op is one of our main supporters,” she said.

“The aim of the project is to get people together and to raise awareness of litter in our streets.

“It’s also mainly a social event as we get a lot of people working together, having lots of tea and coffee and helping each other to achieve something good.”

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Eastwood Road Food Store Manager Paul Cartwright attended the event along with some of his team members.

He said: “It’s great to get involved in the local community making a big difference to Boston’s outdoor surroundings.

“These volunteer days are a good opportunity to get out of the office or store doing something different. People in the area can see you are making a difference and it really is nice to give something back.”