Get buzzy ahead of Great British Bee Count 2017

Get buzzy ahead of Great British Bee Count 2017
Credit: Linda Taylor

Nature-lovers are being urged by environmentalists, bee scientists and wildlife gardening experts to help the nation’s under-threat bees by creating pollinator-friendly gardens, schools and neighbourhoods, ahead of this year’s Great British Bee Count.

Now in its fourth year, the Great British Bee Count – 19 May-30 June – inspires members of the public to download a fun, free app to identify and find out more about how we can help some of the amazing bees that we share our towns and countryside with.

Over fifteen thousand people took part in last year’s Great British Bee Count, organised by Friends of the Earth, with support from Buglife and sponsorship from Waitrose.

This year’s app is even better, with more bees and plant species, clearer identification and more information on how to help bees. The bee sightings will be mapped on and shared on the National Biodiversity Network, where researchers, experts and local authorities can access the data.

Habitat loss is one of the biggest threats Britain’s bees face, which is why it’s more important than ever that we understand more about Britain’s 260+ bee species, and why bee scientists and wildlife gardening experts are urging people to play their part by creating bee-friendly habitats.

Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth Chief Executive, said: “Bees are crucial pollinators for our fields, gardens and countryside. We can all help these under-threat pollinators with a few simple tips for creating bee-friendly gardens, schools and other open spaces. By taking part in this year’s Great British Bee Count with our fun, free app, you can you can find out more about these fascinating and valuable insects.”