Lincolnshire attracting badger baiters to carry out illegal bloodsports


Criminals are travelling to our county to kill badgers, according to Lincolnshire Police.

Officers are being trained to recognise signs of setts and badger baiting as part of a crackdown on the illegal practice.

Badgers have a long history of cruelty and persecution in the UK spanning hundreds of years. To this day badgers remain one of the most persecuted of all species despite having one of the highest level of protection in law.  From blood sports to development concerns, thousands of badgers become the victims of wildlife crimes each year.

​In 1992, the Protection of Badgers Act gave badgers across the UK unrivaled protection due to the sheer volume of cruelty and interference with both badgers and their setts.  The National Federation of Badger Groups (precursor to the Badger Trust), were instrumental in bringing this legislation into fruition.

​Despite their unrivaled protection, thousands of badgers every year across the UK meet horrific fates due to both the barbaric acts of cruelty and illegal use of machinery in otherwise legal activities such as development and farming.  The most prevalent wildlife crimes involving badgers include: development related, farming related, land clearance, shooting, badger baiting, poisoning, trapping, set interference’s, and gassing.