New initiative to provide bursaries for veterans

Credit: Ink Drop

North Lincolnshire Council Leader, Cllr Rob Waltham, has welcomed a new initiative by the Government to provide bursaries to veterans looking to become teachers.

From September 2018, bursaries of £40,000 will be available for ex-servicemen and women looking to retrain for a career in the classroom.

Cllr Rob Waltham welcomed the announcement as “a fantastic opportunity for veterans to share their unrivalled expertise and unique life experiences for the benefit of North Lincolnshire’s pupils.”

Universities across the country will offer the bursaries to veterans who have left full-time employment in the British Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy in the last five years.

The bursary has been developed as part of the Department for Education’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant – the nation’s promise to those who serve or who have served – and will be offered on priority undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, computing, maths and modern foreign languages.

Cllr Rob Waltham said: “As a former teacher in further education, I know first-hand how teachers from different backgrounds and with a broad range of experiences can make a massive difference in shaping young lives. This new incentive will help veterans transition into the classroom, bringing with them their world-class skills, training and discipline.

“We have a number of veterans living in North Lincolnshire who might be looking for a new profession after leaving the armed forces. This bursary will give them the help they need to start a rewarding new career in teaching.”

The new bursary replaces the existing Troops to Teachers Programme, providing veterans with greater flexibility over their training but still providing the same level of support.