Nuisance motorcyclists urged to stop their anti-social behaviour


Lincolnshire Council is urging motorcyclists who are causing a nuisance in communities to stop their anti-social behaviour both on and off-road.

The police have the power to seize any vehicles immediately if the driver:

  • has no licence;
  • no insurance;
  • is driving anti-socially; or
  • believed to be intoxicated in some way.

If a vehicle fails to stop, the police have the power to seize it within 24 hours from when the request was made of the driver.

Any vehicles used in an anti-social manner (including those being used to transport motorcycles to a location) can be seized.

Riding motorcycles on private land without permission from the landowner is against the law.

Previous issues with nuisance off-road motorcycles have meant that nearby residents have been unable to enjoy their garden or have been kept awake at night because of the noise.