Operation Grinch begins

Operation Grinch

Christmas is a busy time of year for the retail trade – not just because of the uptick in shoppers but also because of the dramatic increase in shoplifting.

With that in mind, authorities across our county are launching an operation to cath these Christmas Grinches in the act.

Officers from the Boston Neighbourhood Policing Team are one of the teams beginning their annual operation to target shoplifters in the town centre.

The operation, which will begin today (1st December) and last over the Christmas period, will involve high visibility patrols alongside Neighbourhood Policing staff.

Sergeant Matt Dickinson, of Boston rural Neighbourhood Policing Team, told Lincolnshire Today: “The intention with this scheme is to engage with local shop keepers, offering crime prevention advice, provide high visibility patrols, and actively target known shoplifters in the town centre.

“Christmas is a busy time of year where shoppers will be spending their time and money in the cold conditions, to buy gifts for their loved ones. We want to reassure those shoppers and the community as a whole by reducing reported shoplifting offences over the Christmas period.”