People living in bungalows are the happiest homeowners in the UK – yet Lincoln has a bungalow shortage


People living in bungalows are the nation’s happiest homeowners according to a recent survey conducted by Despite this there has been a shortage of bungalows, making it difficult for people to find this sort of housing in and around Lincoln.

The survey, which had 2,000 participants, identified that people living in bungalows were the most likely to say they are very happy with their property, with 51% agreeing.

Lincoln-based estate agent Winkworth, which has more than 90 branches across the UK, says the dream of owning a single storey property for many living in Lincolnshire is being dashed due to a shortage of bungalows in the region. Only 10% of the properties on the Lincoln branch’s books are currently bungalows.

Martin Thomson, Director at Winkworth, said: “We continue to see a high demand for bungalows in Lincolnshire, specifically from the over-55s. Over the last 12 months we have only seen a handful of bungalows being developed in the region, which therefore means requests for them are growing.

“We’ve been hoping that more single storey properties would become available in Lincoln and we were very pleased to be approached by a park home developer who has been working on a site in Lincoln, which has already had a lot of interest.”

With a rising demand for single storey living in and around Lincoln retirement developer Arbor Living has nearly completed the third phase of its Lakeshore development, which is next to Burton Waters.

Graham Richardson, Director of Arbor Living, said: “Major house builders are failing to meet the expectations of those wishing to move to a single level living home in the region. This is where park homes are paving the way, providing buyers over the age of 55 with a better quality of life, meaning they can enjoy their retirement. We hope to continue to meet the demand from the over-55s in the region.”