Powering 26,500 homes with electricity from recycled waste


The Energy from Waste facility in North Hykeham celebrates its third anniversary this March of being fully operational.

The state of the art facility was commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council and designed, built and operated by FCC Environment, transforming the way the county’s waste is processed.

It started working in 2013 and became fully operational in March 2014. Since early 2014 the EfW has processed more than 511,000 tonnes of waste, and exported 233,554 Megawatt hours of electricity to customers on the national grid.

That is enough to power 64,198 homes or 546,964 fridge freezers for a whole year.

Executive Councillor for Waste and Recycling, Cllr Reg Shore, comments: “This month marks a milestone for Lincolnshire County Council and FCC Environment, as Energy from Waste celebrates its third anniversary of being fully up and running.

“The facility heralded the biggest change in waste management for the county. It’s enabled us to stick to our commitment to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, cutting it by 90%.

“That’s good for environment, and through recycling waste, EfW is also generating electricity for more than 26,500 homes in the area each year.

“It’s saving taxpayers’ money too, over its lifetime, we will save around £30m – a cost which we would have incurred if we’d continued to send our waste to landfill.”