President of CLA to prepare farmers for changing world


The new President of the CLA, Tim Breitmeyer will tell over 500 business leaders at a conference how more food will need to be produced from less land in post-Brexit Britain.

“Leaving the EU will be a defining moment for farming. Farmers will not have the luxury of being able to carry on doing the same thing year-in-year-out as they have done before. It will soon be time for every landowning farmer to make choices about whether their land is delivering the best income opportunities, whether they need to farm differently, or use the land for other purposes.”

The CLA represents over 30,000 landowners, farmers and rural businesses across England and Wales, who together manage more than 10 million acres of rural land.

In the future, Tim warns that “Government policy will play a major role in how the farming sector harnesses the opportunities of Brexit.”