Skate park confirmed for Market Rasen

Skate park confirmed for Market Rasen
Credit: lzf

The residents of Market Reason have delighted skaters after raising enough funds for a new skate park in the historic town.

The £100,000 facility, which was supported by the local government and other organisations including Tesco, will open in March after almost a year after plans were put forward.

As well as catering to skaters, the new park will have facilities for BMX bikes and scooters.

Councillor Steve Bunney of Market Rasen Town Council said: “The aim is to rejuvenate the site and make it more up-to-date with better facilities not just for skateboards but BMX bikes and scooters. It will be multi-use.

“The council are confident that we know where we are going with the finances – we have promises for around 90% of the money.”

The skate park will be built in place of an existing park which has fallen into dilapidation.