Targeting metal thefts


The Country Landowners Association (CLA) are urging farmers, landowners and rural businesses in Lincolnshire to be vigilant against potential metal thefts. The warning comes due to a rise in the value of scrap lead, copper and steel.

Historically, premises that have been particularly vulnerable to metal thefts include agricultural buildings, farmhouses, listed and heritage buildings and other historic properties where lead, batteries and steel can be found.  Churches, national infrastructure such as railways and telecommunications (copper cable) can also be vulnerable.

Those that have the potential to be targeted should review the security of their premises and remove or secure items that could attract tempt potential thieves.

CLA Regional Director Ben Underwood said: “Metal theft from those living and working in rural areas is a common crime and we urge our members to take all the necessary precautions they can to deter would-be thieves.

“Wherever possible we would encourage any metal that could be of value to thieves to be kept out of view and ensure that all premises where metal is stored to be securely locked.

“We work very closely with Lincolnshire Police on rural crime issues and urge our members to report any incidents of metal theft by calling the police on 101 or if a crime is actually in progress dial 999.”

The CLA is a membership organisation that represents more than 1,000 farmers, landowners and rural businesses in Lincolnshire and more than 30,000 nationally.