Triton Knoll remove intermediate electrical compound from final wind farm design


The team behind the Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm have confirmed they have removed the intermediate electrical compound (IEC) from their final design.

The IEC, which was originally planned to be built near Orby, would have had a footprint of 1.8 hectares and was considered necessary to manage power flows along one of the longest, high voltage, underground cable routes in the world.

However, based on technical modelling and collaboration between the project team and their contractors, the IEC has now been designed out of the electrical system altogether and will not be built.

Cllr Colin Davie, executive member for economy and place, said: “I warmly welcome the announcement that the visual impact of an intermediated electrical compound at Orby has been removed and also the commitment of Triton Knoll to keep traffic disruption to the area to a minimum.

“We will continue to work with Triton Knoll and Orby Parish Council to help ensure that this beautiful part of Lincolnshire remains exactly that. In addition, we will work with the Local Liaison Committees to ensure that the communities between Anderby and Bicker that host this major UK infrastructure project are kept informed of developments.”

Locally, the change in design will reduce the level of construction traffic that would have been required to build the IEC.

Triton Knoll have restated their commitment to ensuring no construction vehicles will travel through the village of Orby.