Victims of sexual abuse and violence urged to come forward during awareness week 2017

image courtesy of NHS

Victims of sexual abuse have been urged to come forward following National Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence week.

The nationwide week-long series of events runs from 6th February and aims to spread the message that any form of sexual abuse and sexual violence is unacceptable.

The week aims to empower victims and send out a clear message that there are no circumstances under which the victim is to blame.

Lincolnshire Police are teaming up with the County Council, Student Services, Victim Support, the Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Lincolnshire Rape Crisis and Trust House to highlight the wealth of support there is for people who have been affected by sexual abuse and violence.

Detective Superintendent Hatton, Head of Public Protection Unit including the Police Emerald Team told Lincolnshire Today: “The campaign is a national effort to bring the issue of sexual violence and abuse into the open and promote the support we have in place for victims. We have services in Lincolnshire that are exemplary and we cannot be modest about that because it might mean the difference in giving someone the confidence to report a crime.

“From the Sexual Assault Referral Centre and Rape Crisis, to the Police Emerald Team, we have staff in place who are specifically trained in this area. The Emerald team deal only with sexual violence and abuse and it means that the officers build experience, knowledge and skills. It also means that the officers in this team have chosen to work in this area because they want to help victims and they want to make a difference.

“I am incredibly proud how hard they work – they are tenacious, compassionate and understanding. They are inspired to go the extra mile by the victims they work with because these are people who have been through the unimaginable, and come out the other side with the bravery and strength to report their attacker and work with us to bring them to justice.”

them to justice.”

If you would like to seek advice, help or support please find local contact details below:

Victim Support: 0808 1689 111

Women’s domestic abuse and sexual violence helpline: 080 800 0340

Sexual Assault Referral Centre for Lincolnshire – Spring Lodge: Committed to providing a caring, sensitive and dedicated service to meet the needs of victims of rape or sexual assault. 0800 9534130

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis: Support women and girls who are experiencing, have experienced or have been affected by any for of sexual violence at any point in their lives.

Trust House: Supporting men, women and children who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse. 01476 570284

Lincolnshire Police Emerald Team: A team dedicated to dealing with only sexual assault. Call on 101.