The Boston Hanse Group has received £66,600 National Lottery support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to carry out archaeological excavations to establish the exact location of Boston’s medieval warehouse or “steelyard.”

Thanks to National Lottery players Boston Hanse Group aims to discover more of our medieval past, when Boston’s importance as a port was second only to London.

Professional archaeologists will lead the project, and volunteers from local communities and schools will have the opportunity to participate in the dig and to undertake training in basic archaeological techniques. Preparations will soon get underway and the dig is planned for next April.

Interest in the town’s past has been revived both by its successful application in 2015 to join the New Hanseatic League and by the recent arrival in the town of many people from those same Baltic states that were linked to the town in the past.

The Hanse group aims to boost further interest in Boston’s heritage and to bring local communities together by rediscovering our shared history.

Commenting on the award Mike Peberdy, archaeology lead for the Boston Hanse Group, said: “We’re so delighted to receive this award which will bring our communities together and further our knowledge of Boston’s history. We hope to make some exciting finds.”