Bransby Horses launch Emergency Flood Crisis Campaign

Christmas plea from Bransby Horses as charity cancels festive events due to flooding

Over the last few days, since the devasting floods hit Bransby Horses’ site in Lincolnshire, Bransby Horses has been overwhelmed by the communities’ support. In response, the charity has been developing their Emergency Flood Crisis Campaign (EFCC).

Jo Snell, Chief Executive, explains: “Since last Friday, as many will have heard and seen in the media, Bransby Horses has been working hard, day and night to maintain the health and safety of the 450 horses we have here at Bransby.

“We’ve lost 40% of our grazing land due to the flooding, and are dealing hour by hour with the hazards of having up to 4 feet of contaminated flood waters in our fields and yards.

“This is understandably exhausting for our teams, however the public support we’ve received since the story hit the news and our social media channels has been incredible, and has kept our spirits high.

“As part of our Flood Response Strategy we’ve been working on developing our Emergency Flood Crisis Campaign. This campaign will continue to run long after the floods subside, for anywhere up to 18 months.

“There are lots of ways our supporters can help right now, and so we’ve drafted a Ways You Can Help Guide and published this on our website.