Breaking the school governance mould in Lincolnshire

Credit: Monkey Business Images

School governors have the opportunity to influence curriculum, financial planning and even the recruiting of head-teachers, but in Lincolnshire, schools are struggling to find skilled governors and trustee.

The average number of vacancies in Lincolnshire stands at 25% compared with the national average of 13%. Needless to say, there is work to be done; however, volunteers like Lauren are making a difference.

Lauren decided to become a governor whilst working at the Department for Education. Surrounded by colleagues who were passionate about learning, she was inspired to take the step to support her local school in Lincolnshire.

“It was on a three-day school’s induction programme that I again heard about the role of Governors. I phoned my dad afterwards and asked him about his experience on a governing board. He was very positive, and I started doing some research for myself,” she said.

It was then that she found out about both the Inspiring Governance service and the Young Governors’ Network – a network set up by the National Governance Association designed specifically to assist governors under the age of 40.

“When I saw that only 1% of governors were under the age of 25, I knew I wanted to break the mould,” said Lauren.

She added: “I can recommend the process to those looking to try something new and I hope it continues in the same way.”