Chief Superintendent praises ‘wonderful farming and rural community’ after Beast from the East

As Lincolnshire took the full force of the ‘beast from the East’ Divisional Commander for the East of Lincolnshire, praised the farming and rural community.

“I have seen at first-hand the immense power, ferocity and disruption that winter can throw at us. We have experienced mass road closures, cut-off communities and road accidents that have stretched my resources to their limits (and beyond).” said Chief Superintendent Paul Timmins.

He added: “The response from the farming and rural community has been outstanding. Without prompting we have seen tractors pulling vehicle out of snow drifts, snow ploughs reaching communities, volunteers with shovels digging routes through to help strangers and farmers standing shoulder-to-shoulder with emergency service personal responding to the most vulnerable. In times of need our community pulls together like no other.

“I am immensely proud to serve such a community and I am trying to personally thank all those who have helped, but inevitably I will miss some and so I wanted to ensure that the public also know what a fantastic supportive community we live in.”