Classic car enthusiasts flock to Woodhall Spa

Organisers of the first motoring event of its kind in Lincolnshire were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm with which classic car enthusiasts greeted it.

About 600 cars from as far afield as Bridlington, Sheffield, Newark and Northampton – as well as all parts of Lincolnshire – were brought to Woodhall Spa to commemorate a motoring landmark from 1900 when 64 pioneer drivers set out on a 1,000-mile run from London to Scotland and back.

And the commitment to turn up for an untried event by today’s driving enthusiasts has spurred organisers to start setting up next year’s event, which will be run under the name of County Wheels, and happen on Sunday 24th April.

“The turnout was better than we dared hope,” said Mike Jackson, part of the organising team. “It reflected the widest possible range of cars from the loveable and scruffy to downright exotic. We planned this day to include everyone who had and interest and enthusiasm in their vehicles, and that is what we got. We’re deeply indebted to them for turning out and making the most of our day and Woodhall Spa itself – the cafes and tea shops must have been busy all day.”

The day also included a special screening of The Italian Job at the Kinema in the Woods. “It was a sell-out. You don’t often get audience participation for a cinema screening, but we did on Sunday, and I can’t imagine we won’t want to repeat the showing again next year.”

Woodhall Spa Parish Council helped with the financing of the event, which was run on a not-for-profit basis, but such was the generosity of those who took part that next year it’s intended to see if money can’t be raised for charity.

“The way everyone took this event to their heart, either by bringing their cars or helping us to run it, was really gratifying, and we look forward to it being a memorable date on the calendar for year to come,” he added.