Council pledges support for carers

Photo: Danny Coy (WildCoyPhotography)
Photo: Danny Coy (WildCoyPhotography)

This Carers Week (6 to 12 June 2016), the council are pledging for support for carers in North Lincolnshire and are raising awareness of caring, highlighting the challenges that carers face and recognising the contribution they make to families and communities; especially young carers.

The council provide support for children and young people (under 18) who provide or plan to provide a level of care regularly for a family member, who is mentally or physically ill, has a disability, drug or alcohol problem.

Currently there are 67 young carers known to the council (this figure changes regularly).

Young carers provide a key role within their family; whether that is cooking, cleaning, offering emotional support or looking after a sibling. The role is very varied and can be challenging at times.

The Young Carers Team provides information, advice and support to young people, this includes providing opportunities to have a break from caring responsibilities and meet other young carers. Activity sessions are offered to young carers, including help with basic skills, empowering young carers in their role, First Aid courses and understanding mental health.

The team also offers support for family members, including the person being cared for in accessing support for their own needs.

With general awareness and understanding of young carers increased, children and young people with caring responsibilities and their families should then be more easily identified and supported.

Josh, a 12 year-old young carer who looks after his parents with emotional health difficulties receives support from the council. Recently the Young Carers Team discussed with him safety planning, what support is available and who to call in a crisis. After the meeting, he said “I feel more confident now as I know what to do and who to call if my parents become unwell. This makes me feel safe and better able to manage these circumstances.”