Domino’s fraud -Lincoln


An attempt has been made to make a fraudulent purchase from a Lincoln Domino’s store using the company’s app.

Following an initial investigation, a man was arrested and cautioned, but officers have said they also believe another person / other people may have been involved in the payment attempt at the High Street branch.

This is not the first time the Domino’s app has been called into question; last year an IT  consultant found a bug that allowed him to order pizza for free. The app’s API was not processing payments correctly, allowing users with enough tech knowledge to trick it into accepting invalid payments. The company subsequently fixed the bug.

Lincolnshire Police have issued a reminder to anyone using an app linking to a Paypal account that there are precautions they can follow to reduce the risk of fraud.

A spokesperson said: “Always check your order confirmations and report any anomalies, do not save your payment details or passwords and make sure your passwords are strong.”