Don’t forget your LED lights this Halloween


Parents in Lincolnshire are being advised to ensure their children stay away from naked flames due to the risk posed by fancy dress costumes.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Trading Standards officers have warned that even costumes that comply with Toy Safety Regulations can still catch fire, and that parents should make sure they buy costumes with the CE safety mark.

Steve Screaton, deputy community fire safety manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said:

“The advice is simple – please keep your children away from candles, lanterns or tea-lights.

“If you are planning on decorating your home ready for Halloween, please use LED tea- lights, particularly inside your pumpkins and lanterns.

“We don’t want to stop people enjoying Halloween, but we do want them to celebrate safely. There is nothing more terrifying than having a fire at home or seeing your clothes catch fire, which in some cases can have a lasting impact on day-to-day life.”

Follow our top tips to make sure your Halloween night isn’t a fright!

  • Halloween costumes are classed as toys rather than clothing so check it has the CE safety marking
  • Make sure you purchase items from a reputable shop
  • Check for product recalls
  • Check the packaging and labels contain the manufacturer’s name or registered trademark and that there are safety instructions
  • Beware of fakes! Sometimes the wrong logo is used entirely, but if it looks correct, check the middle line of the ‘E’, as it should be shorter than the other parts.
  • Be extra careful if you are buying online and always read reviews