Forties day returns next year for full weekend

Forties day returns next year for full weekend

The success of the recent 1940s Day has lead Lincoln’s Business Improvement Group to expand the frivolities over a full weekend.

Lincoln BIG Events & Promotions Manager Michael Armstrong said: “With the RAF’s Centenary being celebrated in 2018 (RAF100), and events taking place, locally, regionally and nationally between April 1 and the end of September, now is the ideal time to plan for an even more successful 1940s event.

“Lincoln is getting increasingly well-known for its events and locals, visitors and businesses love our longer attractions – just think of our Steampunk Festival weekend, which brings in people from all over the UK and beyond.”

Lincolnshire, with its proud aviation history, the fact that it was dubbed Bomber County in World War II and once boasted 49 operational airfields – along with the way in which Lincoln Cathedral acted as an important landmark for aircraft returning from sorties – means we have the perfect backdrop.

The International Bomber Command Centre on Canwick Hill, with its towering memorial spire which can be seen for miles around, will also feature as part of the RAF100 commemorations.

The memorial, which honours Bomber Commands huge losses, will be the subject of an opening ceremony on April 12.

Last month 1940s Day saw hundreds of people descend on Lincoln, many sporting wartime uniforms, tea dresses and jaunty hats, accessorised with badges and quirky brooches.

Favourite songs from the war years filled the air, there was dancing in the street, people enjoyed afternoon tea, browsed displays of old military vehicles and admired smart vintage cars polished to a high shine.

Shopkeepers threw themselves into the swing of things by hanging out flags and bunting, adding to the wonderful ambience in The Strait, Castle Hill and Bailgate and Lincoln BIG also gave out certificates in “best-dressed” competitions.

“There are, of course, many aspects of the 2018 weekend to still be sorted but, once again, it will be based around The Strait, Castle Hill and Bailgate.  However, the 1940s vibe will be reflected throughout the city thanks to other complementary events that are being planned,” added Mr Armstrong.