Get your green on – St Patrick’s day celebration stats unveiled for 2020


Once simply a religious saint’s day, St Patrick’s day, which is set to take place on Tuesday 17th March this year (today), is now celebrated worldwide with events, parties, parades and all things green.

Commemorating the patron saint of Ireland, the day became an official Christian feast day in the 17th century and celebrates Irish culture. Born in the late 4th century, St Patrick was kidnapped at 16 years old and entered Ireland as a slave. After escaping he returned to convert the Irish to Christianity and numerous legends formed around the man, including him famously chasing snakes out of Ireland.

This year, according to Retail Assist’s St Patrick’s Day Consumer Trends Research, 33% of Brits plan to take part in the day, with 71% looking to don green, while 82% have planned to go out socialising.

When it comes to the costs associated with the day, which has become a more commercial holiday over time, a quarter of people are willing to spend between £31 and £40, while just under 22% of people are looking to splash more cash and spend over £51.

Top areas for spending include, unsurprisingly, beverages, with 96% of people planning to buy drinks, followed by food (60%), accessories (39%) and clothing (29%), with 68% of people looking to buy something green to wear.

While concerns surrounding coronavirus continue to rage, it’s looking ever more likely that St Patrick’s Day will be an intimate affair this year, perhaps minimising the boost the retail and hospitality sector would usually expect to see, with the government advising the public to avoid pubs, clubs and restaurants. In Ireland, as well as many other places across the world, parades and public events have already been cancelled and pubs closed.