More high-tech bus stops go live

A state-of-the-art bus information system has recently been expanded to a further eight local bus stops across North East Lincolnshire.

The system was originally introduced at Grimsby’s Riverhead Exchange, launched in 2015, and has since been expanded to include more bus stops. The system uses GPS tracking equipment on-board busses to display accurate arrival times on LED screens for passengers.

The newest stops to have the system added include:

•             Grimsby Road, opposite Fuller Street, Cleethorpes

•             Grimsby Road, opposite Imperial Avenue, Cleethorpes

•             Grimsby Road, adjacent to Barcroft Street, Cleethorpes

•             Cleethorpes Road, opposite Ramsdens, Grimsby

•             Cleethorpes Road, adjacent to Weelsby Street, Grimsby

•             Cleethorpes Road, opposite Levington Street, Grimsby

•             Cleethorpes Road, adjacent to Levington Street, Grimsby

•             Grimsby Road, adjacent to Imperial Avenue, Cleethorpes