Friday, May 29, 2020

Hospice to launch breathe easy programme following grant funding

People living in North Lincolnshire with life-limiting lung conditions are set to benefit from a new care programme thanks to £40,000 of grant funding.

Lindsey Lodge Hospice in Scunthorpe has been awarded a major Hospice UK grant award through St James’s Place Charitable Grant Programme 2019 to provide the Breathe Easy Enablement Programme (BEEP) to support more patients diagnosed with progressive lung disease to participate in exercise, learn about their condition and how to self-manage at home.

It will focus on providing personalised supportive care to enable them to ‘live well’, particularly for those approaching their last year of life.

The Hopsice already offer a successful Breathless Clinic but the demand means there is currently a long waiting list to use the service.

Maureen Georgiou, the Hospice’s Director of Nursing and Patient Services, said the new funding will enable the Hospice to “offer a new programme, with greater access to more patients with end of life lung disease and reduce our average length of wait, along with a support service for their carers.”

The Breath Easy Enablement Programme will be a collaboration of professionals based within the Hospice and externally, for example local GPs, complex care matrons and psychological services.

It will see Lindsey Lodge offering a rolling six-week programme throughout the year that will run once a week to offer patients an opportunity to participate in exercise, education and advanced care planning.

In parallel to this their carer will be able to access a separate session focussing on relaxation, counselling support, or an hour of respite care.

The Hospice aims to launch the Breathe Easy Enablement Programme in March.

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