Jail for counterfeit clothing seller in Ingoldmells

A market trader found to be selling over 1,000 items of counterfeit clothing has been sentenced to 18 months in Prison.

Sentenced yesterday (Monday 17 July) at Lincoln Crown Court, Roshan Singh, 29, c/o Lincoln Road, Skegness, was sentenced for eleven charges of unauthorised use of a trademark and a further charge of possession of criminal property.

He was found guilty of all charges at Lincoln Magistrates Court on 18 May 2017.

Officers from Lincolnshire Trading Standards discovered the items when they raided Mr Singh’s stall on Eastgate Market in Ingoldmells, in October 2015. They found over 1,000 pieces of counterfeit clothing, including BOSS, Ralph Lauren and Adidas jackets amongst others.

Mrs Harris, senior trading standards officer at Lincolnshire County Council, comments:

“Selling fake goods is a serious crime and one we do everything in our power to stop.

“Many people think that the trade of counterfeit goods is a victimless crime but that’s really not the case. We’ve always known that they risk human safety, negatively affect genuine businesses and the wider economy, but increasingly there are concerns over where the money generated by these goods goes.

“No honest person would willingly give money to fund organised crime, but from drugs and guns to people smuggling and terrorism, that’s exactly what you could be doing when you buy fakes – you just never know where your money will end up.”