Lincoln show celebrates 50 years of ground-breaking Johnny Cash album

Lincoln show celebrates 50 years of ground-breaking Johnny Cash album

The Johnny Cash Roadshow returns to the New Theatre Royal Lincoln with a brand-new show celebrating 50 years of one of Cash’s most beloved albums, At San Quentin.

Released in 1969, At San Quentin was the second in a series of albums recorded live at US prisons and contains hits such as ‘A Boy Named Sue’, ‘Wanted Man’ and ‘Jackson’, which will be performed in this new production.

Performed at San Quentin State Prison in California, the album was a hit with fans and critics, especially in the UK as it was filmed by Granada TV for a Cash documentary. It also reached the top of the Billboard charts and received Grammy Award nominations.

The Johnny Cash Roadshow will pay homage to At San Quentin by performing a set list featuring its top hits. And whilst the show may be different to what fans have seen before, audiences will still get the incredibly authentic, theatrical experience they have come to expect from The Johnny Cash Roadshow.

Fronted by talented singer-songwriter Clive John, this all-singing and all-dancing show features costumes just like Cash wore for the San Quentin performance and even has two original Johnny Cash harmonicas.

“We wanted to do something a bit different for 2019 and pay tribute to a fantastic album and ground-breaking performance, which is a firm favourite among fans,” said Clive.

“Fifty years after its release, At San Quentin is still considered some of Johnny’s best work and we can’t wait to head out and perform it.”

You can catch the show for yourself on Sunday 3 November at New Theatre Royal Lincoln.