Lincolnshire second in the country for rural crime

Crime has always been a dangerous part of life, but there is no denying that since the economic downturn, the crime rates within the country have risen. What’s more for businesses also suffering through the recession the effects of criminal damage are felt all the more keenly.

The latest crime sprees however to hit Lincolnshire have targeted the rural heritage of the county – particularly farmlands and allotments. The NFU has released figures in regards to criminal activity within the country which has highlighted that Lincolnshire has the second highest rural crime rate in the country, with over £2.3 million worth of stolen goods. This is close behind Cambridgeshire, who are the highest with £2.7 million.

The research shows that farming tools account for the highest value of stolen goods, with quads and ATV’s coming in second. Oil and diesel are regularly siphoned from storage tanks as well. Heavy duty machinery comes in fourth place, which suggests that a large number of the robberies are not specifically targeted at difficult to move or re-sell machinery.

The NFU suggest that farm owners take steps to protect their property wherever possible, preventative measures such as locked gates and perimeter fencing can help to deter thieves from entering a property. While hiding oil tanks behind bushes and shrubbery can double as protection and decoration.