LIVES celebrates ten years of service from volunteers

Lincolnshire charity LIVES had a joint celebration at its Annual General Meeting as volunteer first responders who had reached ten years of service were recognised.

At the event 42 first responder volunteers including fire & rescue co-responders, helpers and medics were brought together to be recognised for their dedicated service to the charity and to receive the Ten Year Award – which was presented to each volunteer by clinical director of the charity Dr Yvonne Owen MBE.

Dr Owen says, “It was a huge honour to present the award to our dedicated volunteers who have reached an incredible milestone. Ten years of continued service to LIVES is such an achievement and I want to say thank you to all our volunteers, without them we wouldn’t be able to provide the vital service to the people of Lincolnshire and continue to grow as a charity.

“We will continue to work with the Clinical Commissioning Groups, East Midlands Ambulance Service and the County Council to ensure that, as always, LIVES remains an integral part of emergency and urgent response within the county, serving the population that so generously supports us.”

During the AGM, LIVES reported how 15,460 incidents across Lincoln were aided by LIVES first responders over the course of the year. It was also announced that over the last year LIVES medics and first responders have used lifesaving defibrillators 178 times – securing a return of circulation on 68 occasions providing a return rate of 38.2% – an incredible percentage for LIVES to secure, the national average is 15%.

LIVES chairman Dr Alan Sagar spoke at the AGM. He said, “LIVES is an avant-garde organisation at the forefront of change. We started with doctors, added other medics and then added first responders. Everyone does a fantastic job, making a difference to response times but more importantly helping patients. We continue to grow and evolve with visionary leadership from Dr Owen. LIVES continues to be there for people across Lincolnshire, and our amazing increase in first responders, nearly 6% over the last year, shows how central we are to the local community.

“At a time when many services face uncertainty within the NHS, LIVES remain constant. This is down to the commitment, enthusiasm and community spirit of our volunteers, without who LIVES would not exist. The number of volunteers has continued to increase due to new members and also a drop in resignations. This is down to the support provided by staff at LIVES HQ. We have a great team, led by our Trustees and I look to maintaining our position as a leader in the field of pre-hospital emergency and urgent care.”

The volunteers in attendance receiving their awards included Ann Bennett of Osgodby, Mike Keal of Metheringham, Damian Connolly of Barrow New Holland and Goxhill, Gill Bennett of Holton le Moor and Moortown, Maggie Hobson of Goulceby and Scamblesby, Pauline Cousins of Brigg Neil Chadwick, First Responder Development Officer for South Central area and First Responder for Sleaford and Roz Smith Weston Parish Helper. Gary Bolton, Helper for Birchwood and First Responder Development Officer for the Lincoln area, was also honoured and is pictured with Dr Yvonne Owen MBE.