Lincolnshire locals asked to think differently about volunteering

Credit: wavebreakmedia

A charity working with homeless and vulnerable people is urging people to think differently about volunteering.

Framework, which supports thousands of people every year from across the East Midlands, runs a professional volunteering service that enables people from  a wide range of backgrounds to contribute positively to their communities, explore new opportunities, and develop new, life-enhancing skills.

In National Volunteers Week (June 1 – 7), the charity is launching a new ‘For You and Your Community’ campaign that asks people to think more deeply about what it means to volunteer – specifically about the many benefits it can bring them as individuals.

Volunteering Coordinator Omied Hallam said: “Volunteering is an easy enough word to understand, but it is often misunderstood. Too many people see volunteering as giving something for nothing, and don’t necessarily think about the many things they may get back in return.

“Traditionally volunteering has been about giving up your time and skills for purely altruistic reasons. This is great and is to be encouraged, but there is so much more to volunteering than that.

“Many of the people who volunteer for us, for example, are doing so primarily because they want to get something out of the experience – to meet new people, learn skills, develop their confidence and gain work experience in a supportive, professional environment.

“Indeed, we lose many of our volunteers to employment and training, and we are always delighted for them. In return we offer a comprehensive range of benefits – from travel, lunch and care expenses to full Framework training, one-to-one support and regular appraisals.”

Framework is currently working with more than 160 volunteers in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

The charity is currently seeking to attract more volunteers in a variety of roles, and is able to offer – from befrienders and mentors, to skills tutors and administrative workers.