Louth Pie Day is back for a second bite

Louth Pie Day

The market town of Louth will host the second Louth Pie Day on Wednesday 15 April 2020, from 09:00 until late.

The town that became ‘The Pie Capital of the World’ for a day in 2019 will become the pie-makers’ capital during the 2020 event, with the first-ever Lincolnshire Pie Championship, a competition for amateur pie-makers, professionals and all-comers of all ages.

After the success of the first Louth Pie Day in April 2019, the town’s independent pie-makers and sellers have announced that they will again join forces to offer a festival of pies. Planning is well underway, and more details about the pies on offer and the competition will be announced in due course.

The Louth Pie Day team has confirmed that Louth Pie Day 2020 will include:

  • Morning Pie For the early birds, cafés will be welcoming visitors to Louth Pie Day with the offer of a slice of delicious pie to go with their morning cuppa. It’s never too early for a piece of pie!
  • Shop Pies A pie for everyone! Throughout the day a wide range of traditional pies will be served from Louth’s independent butchers, bakers, delicatessens, cafés, pubs, and at least one fish and chip shop along the Louth Pie Trail.
  • Championship Pies The open-to-all Lincolnshire Pie Championship, a county-wide competition judged by food experts, will be held inside Louth’s spectacular 15th century St James’ parish church
  • Pie and A Pint Local pubs will extend Louth Pie Day into the evening with pie suppers
  • Pies from Around the World A special category along the Louth Pie Trail
  • A small number of Pie Box Tickets are mysterious Golden Tickets.

Lincolnshire Pie Championship

A highlight of the event is the first-ever Lincolnshire Pie Championship, hosted in the town’s 15th century St James’ church. The competition will be judged by a jury of food experts and Lincolnshire luminaries in the church during the afternoon of Louth Pie Day. Children, talented home cooks, skilled amateur chefs and professional cooks are all invited to vie for the title of Lincolnshire Pie Champion 2020.

Pies can have sweet or savoury fillings, must be baked, and to qualify, a pie must be either encased in pastry or widely known as a pie (such as lemon meringue pie). Pie-makers can enter as many different kinds of pie (or sets of identical pies) as they like, according to the competition classes which will be announced soon.

Tickets and Golden Tickets

Tickets will be sold in advance and on the day. The price is £6 for a Pie Box containing five Pie Slice Vouchers. There will be a small number of Golden Tickets hidden among the ordinary tickets, they entitle the holder to an extra free ticket and a special pie-related prize that cannot be bought.