‘Lucky’ day for hare coursing dogs as they land new homes

Spencer has been rehomed.

Lincolnshire Police have successfully found ‘Lucky’ and ‘Spencer’ the new loving homes they deserve after being rescued from hare coursers.

The dogs mark the first time that one of the county’s courts has given Lincolnshire Police permission to find the dogs a permanent new home – rather than having to return them to their owners.

Another five dogs are due to follow in their paw-steps. Those dogs were seized from an incident of hare coursing near Spilsby last month.

Chief Inspector Jim Tyner said: “We are delighted that the dogs are going to be looked after and this is a real breakthrough for us.  We’ve confiscated dogs temporarily for a long time but we are now making every effort to get the dogs taken away from hare coursers permanently.

Lucky and Spencer

“My officers have all witnessed a dog being left behind by coursers after it has been badly injured in this cruel activity or because it can no longer compete and make them money.

“We will continue to make every effort to tackle this and get the dogs into the caring homes they deserve.”

In February 2018 there were 113 incidents of hare coursing in Lincolnshire – a 57% reduction on hare coursing reported in February 2017.  This is 154 less victims of hare coursing in one month.