National scheme encourages Lincolnshire nurses back to work

The national Come Back to Nursing Programme arrives in Lincolnshire for the first time, to help out of work nurses return to work.

The return to practice course first launched in July 2014, with 11 nurses undergoing training to regain their registration. The practice scheme has now made its way to Lincolnshire, with the intention of getting former nurses back into the community services. It’s the first of its kind to arrive in the county, as previous students had to commute to either Derby University of The University of Northampton. Liz Ball, deputy chief nurse, comments: “I’m delighted that we have a return to practice course being delivered locally in Lincolnshire and hope that the nurses become part of our future workforce.”

The scheme is comprised of a partnership between United Lincolnshire’s Hospitals NHS Trust, Lincolnshire Community Health Services, NHS Trust, The University of Derby and Health Education East Midlands. The latter is helping students cope financially by covering course fees and providing £500 for expenses. The trust itself receives £500 for each nurse it takes on.

The course is set over a 24 weeks period, ensuring each student completes degree level work and participates in at least 150 hours in practice. Dianne Charysz, head of practice learning, says: “This is an exciting opportunity to return local nurses to employment within Lincolnshire and we are looking forward to supporting them though the next course. We are looking towards a similar collaboration next year.”

Image credit: Business Images