Quays Orthotic Practice there to help Lincoln 10k runners

Quays Orthotic Practice there to help Lincoln 10k runners
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ lzf

Just a reminder for all those running the Lincoln 10K this weekend – The Quays Orthotic Practice is there to assist you in reducing pain and increasing mobility. A free initial consultation is only a phone call away

It’s too late to make any adjustments to either footwear or gait this close to a run of this kind, but it will probably become very clear after the run, whether or not you would benefit from a biomechanical assessment.

It is common now for specialist running shops to ‘assess’ people before selling trainers, but with the best will in the world, biomechanics is a specialist field, and you can only really depend upon a prescription from a qualified and HCPC registered Orthotist.

Pam Coulton, of the Lincoln-based Quays Orthotic Practice, is precisely this, and she has been helping runners, footballers, and athletes from a number of disciplines for years, to maximise their performance, whilst minimising the potential for injury and pain, and at the same time increasing stability.

The Quays Orthotic Practice offer a free initial consultation, so if by Monday morning, you feel that you could benefit from an assessment with Pam at either their Lincoln, Hull or Wells-next-the-Sea clinic, then give them a call on 01522 520362.