Rare first edition of A Christmas Carol on display in Lincoln

Rare first edition of A Christmas Carol on display in Lincoln
Credit: Shutterstock.com / Peter R Foster IDMA

Christmas is a time for traditions but why not try something a bit different by dropping down to Lincoln Castle where a rare first edition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will be on display.

This year marks the 175th anniversary since this perennial festive tale was published. To celebrate, the British Library has loaned Lincoln Castle a first edition of the novel dating back to 1843.

Kimberley Vickers, Castle Manager, said: “During the Victorian era, many of the Christmas traditions we still hold today were initiated, and A Christmas Carol was perhaps the first book to capture that modern festive spirit.

“During this period, Dickens had become increasingly appalled by the hardships suffered by the poor, and in particular the children working among the dangers of the new machinery of the industrial age.

“He had warm memories of his own childhood Christmases and was inspired to write something to help open the hearts of the prosperous and powerful towards those worse off than themselves.

“The first edition shot off the bookshop shelves in 1843, and A Christmas Carol has sold massively ever since.

“It has been adapted for film and television numerous times, and, one suspects, as long as there is Christmas, there will be Dickens’ wonderful tale alongside it.”

The novel will be on display at Magna Carta Vault from 27 November to 1 February.