Review: Beauty and the Beast at Grimsby Auditorium

Review: Beauty and the Beast at Grimsby Auditorium

Running from Wednesday 12 December 2018 to Saturday 29 December 2018, Beauty and the Beast at Grimsby Auditorium offers fabulous kitsch fun for the whole family, something our sales rep Nicolle Sizer experienced first-hand when attending with her young daughter, Olivia.

On arrival, they were greeted by Auditorium Marketing Manager Sharon Daulton who offered a warm welcome. Even better, Nicolle was seated three rows from the front – prime seating to enjoy the show.

Both Nicolle and Olivia were laughing from start to finish from the perfectly cast panto, made of familiar faces, TV personalities and newcomers alike. Stuart Wade was clearly having the time of his life with a stand-out turn as Seymour Bottom. Clearly, Olivia thought so too, with Wade’s performance her runaway favourite.

Ian Norton was delightfully camp as Belle’s sister Misrabelle and seeing former Doctor Who star Frazer Hines in anything is always a joy. A highlight had to be Mark Little of Neighbours Fame who hammed it up as the Evil Sorcerer. Olivia just loved shouting “Boo!” every time he made his way on stage. But we’d be remiss without mentioning newcomer Amie Howes as Belle. Mark our words, Howes has got a quality career ahead of her, be that on stage or on the TV screen.

Testament to the state of modern panto was the theatrical flair on display, with a Red Arrow aeroplane coming out above the crowd. Safe to say it wasn’t only Olivia who was amazed to see it flying above her head.

Of course, this was panto so there were songs by the bucket load. Thankfully, they were all fun and catchy, with Nicolle and Olivia joining in with the singing and dancing, especially when the cast roused the crowd into joining along to ‘Baby Shark’. As if that wasn’t fun enough, the cast came out into the audience armed with water guns ready and aimed.

All in all, Nicolle said it was a great evening and would definitely go again. Tis the season, after all.