Lincs community music charity shortlisted for national award

Lincs community music charity shortlisted for national award

soundLINCS, the Lincolnshire community music charity, has been shortlisted for a major national award that recognises the work it has done in the area of special educational needs and disability.

The National Music & Drama Education Awards is an annual event which celebrates work and contribution made by professionals, companies, charities, schools and other organisations to the lives of others through the medium of these two key performing arts.

soundLINCS has been recognised as a finalist in the ‘Outstanding Music Education Resource’ category for its Good Vibrations toolkit.

The toolkit promotes an understanding of how people who are deaf and hearing impaired can experience music. People who are endeavouring to deliver musically inclusive activities can practically use this toolkit to find information, activities, advice and resources to support their music delivery.

It is designed to be a colourful and dynamic booklet offering short, quick tips and advice for adults who need a time-effective information source when delivering music with deaf and hearing impaired children and young people.

Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE, soundLINCS CEO, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be nominated for this fantastic award. It is a recognition of the tremendous efforts that have gone into creating this resource and a strong validation of the importance of soundLINCS and community music contributing to a thriving sector in the Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.”