Straw bale method impresses UK gardeners

Simon Gibbins has popularised a novel and space saving way of growing quality fruit and vegetables.

The straw bale method is ideal for home owners with limited to no garden space. Simon Gibbins noticed that the growing method was popular in America, but a rarity in the UK. Following years of experimentations, to adapt the method to the UK climate, Simon is now able to pass on his knowledge and advice. Enthusiasts and the curious are invited to attend the Natural World Centre, Thorpe on Hill for a 10am to 4pm drop in session for tips and information about growing using the straw bale method.

Simon comments: “Reading the gardening magazines, it occurred to me that there was not an awful lot of time given to people who don’t have a garden” says Simon. “Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, but with this method you can grow produce almost anywhere, patio, drive etc. You don’t necessarily need soil. Certainly you can grow veg in containers, but I thought there must be something more out there”.