Summer drink driving campaign reaches over 100 arrests


Lincolnshire police have released a message: “However you are enjoying this summer, if is in the scorching sun or in front of the wonderful World Cup, please enjoy it sensibly – never drink and drive.”

This comes as a result of 102 people in the county being arrested for driving under the influence of drink or drugs this summer.

Detective Inspector Ewan Gell says: “The glorious weather and fantastic performances from England are making this a summer to remember – but over 100 people will also remember it for all the wrong reasons.

“Just one poor decision can cost you your license or have far more serious consequences. If you are enjoying a few drinks please nominate a designated driver, and if you have plans to drive the next morning, bare this in mind and don’t take chances as we could be asking you to blow into a breathalyser.”

On general policing during the World Cup, Chief Superintendent Paul Timmins says: “We are delighted that England have reached a World Cup Semi-Final and are keen to ensure all our communities can enjoy this once in a generation event.

“We have seen around the country a vast majority of England fans enjoying the weather and the football without causing any disorder or disruption. Unfortunately a small minority have caused problems for emergency services.

“In Lincolnshire we will be prepared for increased numbers of people wishing to support England in public places and we will seek to ensure this passes off without disruption.

“We would ask that our public remember that regardless of the result this has been a successful World Cup for England and should be a time to celebrate peacefully. I’m sure no-one would want to recall this year’s World Cup as a time of trouble, violence and disruption.”