Friday, May 14, 2021
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Saxby Roofing Grimsby

Leaving a damaged roof without repair or replacement could result in damp walls, mould or permanent structural damage to your property. Saxby Roofing can carry out all roofing repairs and roofing work

Slate Roofing: Building character in your property
Combining a unique sense of charm with durability and longevity, slate is the ideal material for a characterful roofline. Slate is resistant from the elements, however if a slate tile is accidentally broken they are easily replaced.

Felt Roofing: Adaptable to a variety of surfaces
saxby-roofing-3Resistant from the elements and suitable for any size job, felt roofing is a popular choice for sheds, garages and extensions. Incredibly versatile, felt can be applied to any flat, curved or pitched roof surface.

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