Supporting the county’s venues & establishments through coronavirus crisis

Credit: Angelina Dimitrova

As the UK steps ups its measures against the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the official advice from government is to avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and restaurants. However, as leisure and hospitality venues haven’t been officially ordered to close, they are left facing uncertainty, especially as we approach the busy Mother’s Day period.

Shops, restaurants and other establishments across Lincolnshire need your help if they’re to remain trading, not only through the pandemic, but into the future. It’s been a hundred years since the UK has had to deal with an outbreak like this, and coupled with the unprecedented response, people are understandably panicking. But it’s important to remember that many of these measures are meant to safeguard vulnerable and at-risk members of society. The majority of fatalities remain older people with underlying health issues and the overall mortality rate remains comparatively low.

We’re by no means suggesting that people be reckless with their own lives and others. If any readers are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 – a high temperature, a new continuous cough – they should follow official advice and self-isolate at home. As the UK is not currently in lockdown, as can be seen in Italy, there’s no reason for the entire population to stay inside.

It’s therefore important to understand the measures we can take individually and collectively to help limit the spread of infection, whilst also supporting shops, restaurants, hotels and other venues across the county – and stay abreast of the measures those establishments are putting into place.

For example, Relish Bar & Kitchen in Cleethorpes is re-arranging its layout so that tables are set further apart. Official advice says that people should remain a metre apart where possible to try and limit possible infection. In this way, healthy people that aren’t showing any signs of the virus can still enjoy eating out whilst staying safe and supporting local businesses. Just remember to wash your hands thoroughly before eating and if you cough, sneeze or touch your face.

For those are that are self-isolating, it’s not a case of locking the windows and doors and spending weeks bored on the sofa. Official health advice says that it’s fine to go out and exercise, so long as an appropriate distance is kept from others. It’s also worth taking a proactive approach to self-isolating, using the excuse to get work around the house and garden done.

In preparation for World War II, the government released it’s iconic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster which has become a mantra for Brits. It’s worth bearing the same sentiment in mind as we continue to navigate and respond to this pandemic. Although it’s a very real possibility that the UK may be put on lockdown in the coming weeks, we’re not there yet and so it’s important to ensure that our vibrant high streets and town centres can continue to trade. Because even closing or loosing footfall for a few weeks can be devastating for a pub, restaurant or shop, many may have to close their doors for good. Don’t let our county’s leisure and hospitality sector fall victim to the virus.

If you’re taking any measures in your venue or establishment to limit the spread of infection and keep people safe, let us know by emailing