The great Grantham lake off

Grantham teens spend summer renovating cherished landmark as part of community scheme

The summer season is usually reserved for a family getaway, but a group of Grantham youngsters have spent the last fortnight hard at work cleaning one of the town’s most cherished landmarks, as part of a summer programme with the National Citizen Service.

The service offers young people the opportunity to have fun, meet friends, gain experience and make a meaningful impact of their communities. The team, comprised of 12-16 year olds, were required to undertake a community project. Working under the name Shots Fire, the team took on renovating the popular boating lake in Wyndham Park. They began on 20th July, with work expected to finish up by the end of the month. Team mentor, Dave Glover says: “My team are truly committed to this project and I couldn’t ask for a better group of young people to work with. Best of luck to them for their futures and I know they will achieve!”

Alongside renovations, the team have also been raising funds to help pay for the project. To date, they’ve raised a total of £1095.41 from bag packing at ASDA, as well as participating in a mini fete. Any surplus funds after the project is completed will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust.