The Quays Orthotic Practice celebrates six years at Burton Waters home

The Quays Orthotic Practice celebrates six years at Burton Waters home

The Quays Orthotic Practice was founded by Pam Coulton in 2011, after years of experience working as an Orthotist in the NHS.

Pam was a principal orthotist within the NHS as well as being the clinical lead for one of Europe’s largest private companies, which provides clinicians and orthotic and prosthetic devices to the public and private sector.

She recognised that there was a need for private orthotic services in the UK, and decided that her clinic should be situated centrally, and outside of London. Lincoln was chosen as the best city in which to launch the private practice, and in the years since its inception, they have seen large numbers of patients from around the Midlands and beyond.

All Quays Orthotics patients benefit greatly from the time that can be afforded to them, but also from the in-depth explanation of how and why orthotics can assist them. Being a private service, there is no waiting list, so treatment can obviously commence sooner, and the benefits of this for the patient and for health care more widely is clear.

Quays Orthotics provide a free initial consultation, and their practice is not to prescribe or provide any level of treatment where it is not absolutely in the best interests of the patient themselves.

Pam’s vision was to be able to provide a quality service, which placed the patient at the heart of the care process, and which was designed to be of benefit to the young, as well as the young at heart, to those who play sports or who engage in rigorous fitness programs, but also for those who may be less energetic, in fact anyone experiencing pain, for whom surgery is neither available, nor a preferred option. The Quays Orthotic Practice in Lincoln, has done this very successfully for over 8 years now.

In January 2013, Pam opened the Burton Waters Clinic on the waterside at the beautiful marina complex on the outskirts of Lincoln. The idea behind the move was to create a base for the Quays Orthotic Practice, but also to provide a clinical environment, from which other practitioners could base their services.

Today, the Burton Waters Clinic is home to a team of physiotherapists, a foot health practitioner, two orthopaedic consultants, and of course, the orthotics practice which continues to build from strength to strength.

So, if you are living with pain, or feel that you perhaps trip or fall too easily or frequently, then book your free initial consultation with the Quays Orthotic Practice today, and let them help you to increase your mobility, reduce your pain, and help you to live your best life. Call 01522 520362 or check out their website for more details and to book your appointment.