Three prolific shop lifters jailed; and more due in court say police.

Jailed for shoplifting: Ritchie, Gibson and Gornall

Three more of North East Lincolnshire’s most prolific shop lifters are now in prison as part of our continued crack down on shop theft and antisocial behaviour in the town centre and Freeman Street area.

Superintendent Dave Hall says: “We have warned those who think it’s acceptable to steal from businesses in our area or get involved in antisocial behaviour that we won’t tolerate it and now three people who have ignored that warning have found themselves in prison.

“Another five people we’ve put before the courts have been given suspended sentences or fines and we’ve charged another seven people who are due before the courts in the next few weeks.

“I’d like to thank all the retailers that are working with us to identify and prosecute the people responsible.

By working together we’re making a real impact, as with offences of this kind a small number of people are usually responsible for multiple incidents.”

We’re also continuing to work with the Town Centre Action Group, the council, health services and community groups to find a long term, sustainable solution to the problem as this isn’t something that can be done just by making arrests.

Supt Hall said: “We want to continue to support our local retailers and business owners in ensuring that Grimsby town centre, Freeman Street and the nearby shops and services are somewhere everyone can go and shop, relax and enjoy themselves.

“The majority of those who steal from shops are doing so to feed a drug habit. They’re also vulnerable, with complex lifestyles and it’s important that all of us come together to offer them the support they need to make more positive choices.

“Only by doing this can we tackle the issues which have caused them commit these offences in the first place and find a long-term solution to the concerns of retailers and shoppers.”

Below are the details of the people who are recently appeared in court or have been charged:

Catherine Ritchie (pictured far left), 45, of Tivoli Gardens, Grimsby, was jailed for 16 weeks on Wednesday, May 1, after admitting stealing coffee and goods from Starbucks on April 19, stealing coffee from Farm Foods on March 27, stealing meat from Farm Foods on March 24, stealing underwear from Matalan on April 9, stealing alcohol from Asda on March 18, stealing coffee from Farm Foods on April 26 and stealing clothing from Boyes on April 30. She also admitted failing to attend court on April 25.

Mark Gibson (pictured centre), 37, of Tivoli Gardens, Grimsby, has been jailed for 12 weeks after admitting to stealing clothing from Boyes on April 30, stealing a laptop from Starbucks on April 8 and stealing groceries from Sainsbury’s on April 20. He has also been ordered to pay £100 compensation.

Aiden Gornall (pictured, far right), 31, of Clerke Street, Cleethorpes, has been recalled to prison after being arrested on Thursday, May 2. He also appeared at Grimsby Magistrates Court on Monday, April 22, charged with stealing chocolates from Tesco on April 21, stealing bedding from Dunhelm Mill on April 20, and resisting a PCSO in his lawful duty on April 21.