Tractor treat for Swineshead nursery children


Children at Mon Ami Nursery in Swineshead are used to seeing tractors in the fields – but they’ve probably never seen one close up before!

They had the chance to do just that yesterday (Wednesday) when farmer Oliver English brought his Claas tractor to the nursery for the children to look at.

They enjoyed getting into the cab and had particular fun sounding the horn! They also got to touch and feel some cereals that Oliver and Hannah brought with them, including oilseed rape and barley grains.

Oliver and Hannah English have a small family arable farm at New York near Boston, and their son Noah, who is three, attends Mon Ami Children’s Nurseries in Swineshead.

Nursery manager Courtney Baird said: “The children have been taking part in some activities to do with farming and we’ve been talking to them about what farmers do, how they grow food and where food comes from.

“It’s great for the children to see the tractor and then when we talk about farming they have something to relate it to.”

Oliver English said: “Noah loves the tractor and he does take an interest in the farm. He knows quite a lot about the machinery we’ve got down there. Growing up on the farm I suppose it’s in his blood!”