Umbrellas Lincoln offer helping hand for children with additional needs

Umbrellas Lincoln offer helping hand for children with additional needs
Courtesy of Umbrellas Lincoln

None of us would change our children for the world, but sometimes, extra help and services are required which is where charities like Umbrellas Lincoln can help.

The organisation was initially set up in 2015 by chair Charlotte and officially gained charity status in March 2018. It has seven trustees, the majority of whom have children with additional needs.

These needs vary greatly from autism and ADHD, to severe brain damage and physical disabilities, which means the charity boasts a wealth of experience.

Whether it’s as parents of children with additional needs or in dealing with services and organisations to achieve the best for children, Umbrellas Lincoln can relate.

The main aim of Umbrellas is to raise funds to build a play and meeting place for children, young adults and families with additional needs.

This aim is twofold, not only does it provide a place to meet and play, it provides a support network for parents, carers and families, allows children and young adults to be around others and build social skills and allows siblings to form support networks as many are often young carers.

The charity doesn’t have anywhere to call its own at present, so it relies on various locations where it runs events such as inclusive play. This allows parents and children to meet and have fun.

Fundraising comes in many forms for the charity and there’s a whole slate of events planned for the year, from wine tasting to coffee mornings.

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