Friday, May 14, 2021

What do people do to make themselves feel better?

Self-pride and self-motivation have become more and more of a priority for people living in the UK. In recent years (before Covid-19 lockdowns) we have seen more people joining gyms, eating healthier and undertaking things such as cosmetic surgery.

This is with both men and women with a change in direction with self-care. This industry continues to grow as more businesses find a niche that people are interested in.

Health program

In January every year, you will find that the gyms are packed with people who have made a new years resolution to be far healthier and lose weight. As such, people are doing all sorts of workouts or classes in the gym to try and improve their fitness level and reduce the pounds they have. This seems to be the most popular month for people to start this health kick, however, ultimately this is something that people can start any time of the year when they get the motivation.

Maintaining the program and following it through to completion is the tricky part and unfortunately many do not succeed. This is normally down to things such as work-life balance and time but also self-determination.

To support these health kicks, sometimes people will hire a personal trainer who will then tailor a program that is suitable for you and support you along the way. It is important to remember “no pain no gain” and that some of activities (especially when you start) may be quite exhausting, but it is also important not to overdo it or it could cause you some damage.

On top of fitness, it is important to compliment this with eating the right food and drinking the right things. A personal trainer can also give some guidance and support around this.  You will also find lots of information around this online but there is a raft of apps available to download in terms of food monitoring (fat content, calories) etc. to allow you to balance this correctly.

Cosmetic surgery

Something that is becoming more accessible and accepted is different types of cosmetic surgery. Previously this may only have been accessed by celebrities or the “rich” but nowadays this is more cost effective and people from all backgrounds are having work completed. There are many different levels of cosmetic surgeries available for people at a range of prices, but everyone should still remember that these are procedures with risks and they should make sure they talk with consultants in advance to understand these better. One of the most common is a breast enlargement procedure. It is popular with those who have lost some volume in the size of their breasts which could be as a consequence of age or after breast feeding a child or it could simply be for people who are looking to enlarge their breasts slightly.


Generally, people work hard throughout the year – why should they not treat themselves to something nice? This could be a new outfit, holiday or car.

Generally, you will find that most people will plan an annual holiday to somewhere nice.  This is usually a set goal from their day job and motivates them and gives them something to look forward to. This can also feed into health and fitness where people will sometimes motivate themselves to “look good” for holidays and as part of this get active in a health and fitness program several months before the holiday.

Home improvements

When people are working hard all day, the last thing they want to do it come back to a home where they are not happy. The amount of time that people spend in their home is significant and time and effort should be put into making this a nice and happy place. Some home improvements can involve some major refurbishments whilst others can be quite simple.

There are people out there who find it to be therapeutic to decorate the home and there are others who would rather call on a professional to come and do it for them. Whatever way it is done, it is important that the output is to a high standard. There is nothing worse that putting up wallpaper or completing some painting and it has been completed to a sub quality standard. This could have the adverse effect and make someone unhappy due to them knowing the error of the work. If you do decide to use a professional to complete the work for you, it is advised to do a check on their previous work to ensure that there has been positive feedback. This could be via reviews on their webpage or social media. It could also be via word of mouth.

Having the “perfect” garden is also something people work towards. What that means is very different to all and some people would like to have lots of flowers whilst others would like to have decking or grass. The garden improvements are generally something that can be tackled by the homeowner as long as they have basic D.I.Y skills and will be something that gives them satisfaction and pride when it is all completed.

Do things for others

When people do things for other people it can give them a good level of satisfaction. Treating others can sometimes be far more rewarding than treating yourself. This is even more prevalent if the people that are receiving the gift are not able to treat themselves (this could be for example for financial reasons or similar constraints). Giving to charity is something that would come up high on this list and this could be something that is done as a one off, or regularly.


We have covered a wide range of things that people do to make themselves feel better about themselves. Whether this is cosmetic surgery, going on a health program, doing something for others, improving the home or just treating themselves to gift or holiday – these all add value. It is important that in a world where there are so many challenges that people take time out and reflect on the things they can do to make them feel better about themselves; set targets and go for it.

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