Your best you this New Year

Credit: VAndreas

Good diet and copious exercise is only half the battle when it comes to looking good, switching to organic or homemade cosmetics will ensure you look your best for the New Year.

Christmas is the time of year when all bets are well and truly off. For most, diets are put on hold and bad habits come out in full swing until the inevitable austere approach to healthcare hunkers down for the New Year. After the festive binge has passed, diet and exercise are once again pledged and practiced. It’s certainly a commendable endeavour to shift the excess pounds and introduce a fitness regime, so why then would you slather harsh chemical-loaded products on your face, hair and body?

When it comes to beautifying oneself, diet and exercise are so obvious that it’s easy to overlook what you put on your body, over what you put in. Now more than ever, supermarkets, spas and boutiques are stocking an exhaustive range of organic products and natural products. The high street shopper really is spoilt for choice but, as with food, it’s hard to look past the façade of buzzwords and recognize what it is you’re buying.

Credit: Irina Bg

A simple litmus test is to think of cosmetics like foodstuffs. If you’re not prepared to eat any of the ingredients, then you may want to reconsider putting it on your hands, face or body. Doing so will help to cut some of the harsher and chemically-laden products, and seriously consider what you’re left with.

For any who like to take a more hands-on approach, the internet is awash with ideas, recipes and how-to guides for making your very own beauty products from organic and natural products. What was once the past time of alternative lifestyles has very much entered the mainstream, and now everyone’s at it. Tread with caution, however, as the effects of these remedies can’t be guaranteed, so there’s always the risk of a negative reaction. Trust your own intuition and understand the needs of your skin, there’s no good smearing an avocado on your face if your skin is of the sensitive kind.

Credit: paultarasenko

With Christmas round behind us, now is an ideal time to try making your own beauty products, if not for yourself then for a loved one. What could be better than unwrapping a hamper of quality organic scrubs, soaps and make-ups that have been completely homemade?

Organic foods are a great way of getting the good stuff with none of the bad. The same too is true of cosmetics and skin care. If this New Year you’re looking to a healthier lifestyle, don’t stop at diet and exercise, make the switch to an organic or homemade beauty regime for a wholesome and rewarding approach to fitness.