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Kevin Johnson

The Beginning - Kevin Johnson Contractor

Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractor
After leaving School in 1971, Kevin became a student at a farm in Glinton, where he learnt his trade dealing with Arable, Pigs, Dairy and Grass.

In 1973 Kevin was offered a 6 week contract on a farm in Wittering, his work was of such a high standard that

he ended up staying for eight years. Kevin's duties included drilling approximately 2000 acres a year, with the

farms direct drilling contract business. The farm also had Pigs and Single Suckle Heard, as well as 600 acres of Arable and Grass.

In 1981 Kevin Johnson Contracting was formed, consisting of a single tractor and direct drill, together with lots of enthusiasm and help from several people.

In 1993 as the business grew, Kevin introduced Lime and Fertilizer spreading and the cutting of grassed areas/verges.

Alongside Satellite Spreading, and Winter Maintenance which have been added to our ever growing portfolio.

The services are offered directly to farms, local authorities or sub contracted through merchants.


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